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View Talay 2 A Building Jomtien and Area Information


View Talay 2 Condo Building A is the building of choice

It is located only steps away from the main road where you can catch a baht bus or motor bike taxi for easy access to all points in Pattaya.  Walking street is 6 minutes away from the main gate of View Talay 2A and the baht bus price remains 10-20 baht to and from Jomtien.  The building enjoys full security including 4 video cameras on each floor, each lift and stairways.  There is key card entry at the doors with a full security force on duty at all times which includes a door guard.  The building has back up electrical generators in case of power loss.

Guests This is a guest friendly condominium so there are no additional charges to bring guests to your room.  Your rental agreement will be for two adults but additional overnight guests are up to you.  You can register your guest at the guard’s desk found in the lobby but this is only if you want to.

The building View Talay 2 building A is 18 floors high and has 3 lifts. The first floor has many shops which include the lobby with office staff, 2 mini marts which are open 12 hours a day, many restaurants, pub, laundry shops, internet shop, Coffe house and let’s not forget the wonderful massage and beauty shops. Photos of the shops are below.

The building is Wheel Chair Friendly Enjoy a modern safe building for your holiday. The building is quiet but across the street from the entrance you will find many styles of night life. Bars, massage shops, 7-11, A new Tops Food Mart just opened in May of 2011, and Family marts, Food stores, a large outdoor food market, Banks with ATM machines, Money exchange. Everything is steps away from the main gate and that includes the wonderful Jomtien Beach.

Parking There are two main parking areas which are located in the front and back of the building. The front part of the building is used for car parking and in the back of the building you will find a covered motorbike parking area with a security guard on duty.

Swimming Pool The pool is one of the best in Pattaya. It is large and even has a section for children. The pool is always clean and very safe to use. It is about 7 foot deep at one end and about 3 feet on the shallow end. There are outdoor showers around the pool and a pool side restaurant which offers deck chair rentals. There are bathroom facilities offered in the restaurant building. At night it is lighted and quiet so it is a nice place to relax and bring a guest. Click Pool photo below to see more.


Beach fun in Jomtien,
Banana Boat – About 5-8 people can get on this boat at a time. It is not really a boat but a long straight balloon that floats on the water. The speed boat or Jet Ski will pull this banana boat along the shore It is a lot of fun and the girls love it fun. Rates 600 Baht/ 30 minutes

Jet Ski

You can rent a jet ski for about 600 Baht/ 30 minutes

Water Ski

About 500-1,000 Baht, depending on availability.


300 Baht for about 5 minutes or a round the shoreline.

A nice walk on the Jomtien beach will result from a few offers from the local beach girls. Some of them are very cute with prices of about 500 baht.

There are many nice restaurants offering cuisine from various places of the world. One to note is the outdoor resturant at the far end of Jomtien beach called The Crab. Excellent Sea Food with low prices. They have many large tables and chairs right on the raised walkway where you can enjoy an excellent seafood dinner and a very cold beer. Also Pattaya Park in the Jomtien area is worth a note, you can find the famous revolving restaurant , from this place you can see 360 degrees view of Pattaya from top of the 80 plus story tower, This place keeps rotating. Don’t miss the chance to take few pictures and see the views.


“The View Talay 2 Building A Condominium Complex is located in an ideal situation, off the Thappraya Road, extremely near the famous Jomtien Beach. The development is the second of many condominium projects completed in the Pattaya-Jomtien area by the accomplished and extremely experienced View Talay developers. The complex is situated adjacent to View Talay Condominium Complex 1 and directly opposite the recently completed View Talay Condominium 5 development.  The View Talay 2 building A site features an 18-storey tower complexe. The buildings’ amenities include an extremely large swimming pool, with attached restaurant and bar facilities. Other facilities located on the ground floor of the apartment complexes include 2 mini-marts, laundry shops and dry cleaning services, internet cafes, salons and massage parlours, as well as a variety of resturants and a host of other convenient services.

The new Falong management committee regard the security of the condominium buildings as paramount, with the safety and comfort of their residents being their highest priority. This building is run by elected falongs and who supervise a Thai management company to run the day to day affairs.

To conform to the highest international standards, access is limited to security key card holders only, with both a 24/7 CCTV security-monitoring system and a team of ever-vigilant gate guards on duty to assure the ongoing safety of the residents. Fire escapes are attached to the ends of both sides of the buildings, with ceiling sprinklers installed in every condo to virtually eliminate the fire risk and allow the residents to sleep soundly in their beds. The View Talay 2 Condominium Complex is literally a stone’s throw from the extremely pleasant Jomtien Beach, popular with tourists, families and residents alike. Apart from the beach with its myriad of water-sports, and nearby supermarket, Jomtien features a host of fine dining restaurant, on a par with those of any capital city, worldwide. Access to the first-class shopping facilities and exotic entertainments of Pattaya is provided by a regular baht bus taxi service, which literally runs past the entrance to View Talay 2, seven days a week, until the early hours of the morning.”


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